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How Epigenetics Can Benefit You

When most people hear about chiropractic care, they think of spinal adjustments and pain relief. Chiropractic care pays attention to the general wellness of patients to ensure a better life quality. At Wellness & Chiropractic Care, we believe in holistic body wellness through chiropractic lifestyles. Our services extend to residents of Brunswick and beyond. We offer lifestyle advice to address exercise, diet, and nutritional guidance.


What Is Epigenetics?

There are certain lifestyle choices and factors that affect your health. Epigenetics studies how your genes and these factors affect your body's DNA and genetic expression. Our bodies require care and attention to keep them healthy and strong. This is achieved with a blend of balanced diets, enough vitamins, good posture, and suitable exercises for bodybuilding. 

Lifestyle and Epigenetics

To most people, all they need to do to maintain overall wellness is eating healthy, staying active, and having sufficient vitamins. Researchers are coming up with evidence supporting that lifestyle choices affect our genetic expressions. Most people don't know how chiropractic care can help their lifestyles. We offer an alternative approach to surgeries and traditional medicines meant to achieve all-around wellness and wholeness. Our lifestyle adjustments include regular spinal adjustments, constructive lifestyle choices like good sleeping habits, eating healthy food, hydration, and exercise. 

Do Your Lifestyle and Chiropractic Care Relate?

We all have different lifestyles, with some people being active and others a little sedentary. Every lifestyle has its unique needs that differ from everyone else. That's why our doctor will create a treatment plan customized for you. No matter what lifestyle you choose, ensure you remain healthy through chiropractic care for overall wellness.

It's essential to live an active life to stay fit, help fight off illnesses, and be more flexible. A sedentary lifestyle has serious side effects which affect the spine's health and the ability of your body to fight diseases and manage pain.

Why Is a Chiropractic Lifestyle Important?

There are many decisions to make during the day. Some have a positive impact on our health, and others have a negative effect. A chiropractic lifestyle helps you recognize how decisions directly affect your health, so you make better lifestyle choices such as good food, better posture, proper hydration, and better sleeping habits.

Chiropractic therapy is combined with lifestyle modifications and frequent exercise to achieve a physically, psychologically, and emotionally healthy body. Chiropractic lifestyles help preserve health in non-invasive and safe ways. The nervous system is responsible for the coordinating of most organs, tissues, and body cells, so the spine needs to be aligned during chiropractic adjustments.

Living a chiropractic lifestyle entails an understanding of what leads to healthy living and all-around wellness. It also means you don't wait to get sick to take a hands-on approach to self-care for health purposes.

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Have you decided to make a conscious effort for a healthier lifestyle? Our chiropractor can help you understand how your cells control your gene activity through epigenetics. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing our patients the care they need to achieve optimal health and wellness. Contact Wellness & Chiropractic Care at (207) 729-8656 to book an appointment with our chiropractor.


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